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delta kite designs

Delta kite design 1991

specializing in light wind kite designs since 1975

Please note: The most-used sizes of fiberglass and some of the carbon fiber rods and tubes used in most of my medium sized kites are no longer being made.
The search is on for substitutes.
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"Less is more."  Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

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Wind speeds: external links to up-to-the-minute local wind forecasts
UK, France and Germany, for nearby air fields: XC Weather UK | Worldwide, and able to use data from nearby local weather stations: Weather Underground ("classic version")


With our emphasis on quality, rather than quantity, and strictly limited production, it is recommended that orders be placed early to avoid disappointment
· Lead time for kites can be short (2 to 5 weeks), but it's often longer (6 to 12 weeks or more), depending on the number and sizes of kites already on order, plus a chaos factor. Since the situation can change over the course of a single day, lead time is by-and-large unpredictable.
· We are not a shop.
· Most customers can pay on-line using PayPal.
· We make kites only after receipt of payment; not in response to telephone requests alone.
· Limit: two kites per order.
· We do not do free repairs or supply free replacement parts, and we don't re-build kites made by other people even if it is claimed they were made by us—worn out, UV damaged, rotted, oxidized, shredded, severely stretched or otherwise mis-shapen kites cannot be repaired.

We can ship our own hand-made one-off kites to just about anywhere.

Alternatively, Into the Wind in Boulder, Colorado, USA, supply factory-made versions of XFS Deltas, Little Bears, Whirlwinds and Troopers, with more designs in the pipeline for next year.
For these (only) contact: e-mail link Into the Wind
web link: Into the Wind
Into the Wind (shop)
1408 Pearl Street, Boulder, Colorado 80302
tel: +1 (303) 449-5356
We do not stock the Into the Wind kites ourselves. Also, please do not try to contact us at Into the Wind - we are in Wales, UK, and will not get the message
click here for more info and page 23 of Into the Wind's catalog

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Petroglyph at Canyon de Chelly Near Chinle, in the Navajo Nation in northeastern Arizona, it is possible to walk down to the floor of Canyon de Chelly and see White House Ruin magnificently set into a recess in the 600 foot high canyon wall. Inscribed by chipping through the dark patina of rock varnish in the de Chelly sandstone just below the main cliff dwelling is this petroglyph, apparently depicting someone assisting in a long launch of a delta kite, some 800-1,000 years ago. (wink...)

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